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Looking for a solution to hair damaged from chemical treatments or excessive coloring? Reconstruct your hair from the inside out and immediately restore health and vitality lost after any chemical, texture, or coloring service. This specially formulated professional product adds density to hair for improved styling manageability while plumping and firming hair fibers with collagen infusion. A patented formula penetrates the hair fiber to fill and repair damaged, porous hair. Perfect as a strengthening filler in between chemical services to restore strength to porous, weakened hair and prevent hair breakage, while creating a thicker feel and appearance to hair.

Intra-Cylane® is a L’Orealpatented molecule that penetrates the hair fiber to strengthen and fortify from the inside out. Specifically formulated to fill and repair damaged, porous hair Strengthens the hair fiber from within Leaves hair feeling and looking thicker with added density and improved styling manageability Collagen helps firm and plump limp hair from the root for longer-lasting, weightless style with added body Section hair in quadrants. Apply 3-5 vials of Strength Fusion Salvage Shot section by section. Start the application at the ends, then along the lengths. Leave on 5 minutes. Rinse. Average dose: 3-5 vials depending on Curl Type Curl Type I-III: 3 vials Curl Type IV-VI: 4 vials Curl Type VII-VIII: 5 vials

Mizani Strength Fusion Salvage Shots (x10)

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